UCL Unit for Stigma Research: advancing theory and practice in the stigma field

Award Number
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Small Grants in Humanities and Social Science
Status / Stage
22 January 2018 -
22 January 2019
Duration (calculated)
01 years 00 months
Wellcome Trust
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Wellcome Trust
Contracted Centre
University College London
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Principal Investigator
Prof Katrina Scior
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WHO Catergories
Methodologies and approaches for risk reduction research
Tools and methodologies for interventions
Disease Type
Dementia (Unspecified)

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Reference ID330
ResearcherReside Team


Award Number210670/Z/18/Z
Status / StageCompleted
Start Date20180122
End Date20190122
Duration (calculated) 01 years 00 months
Funder/Grant study pageWellcome Trust
Contracted CentreUniversity College London
Contracted Centre Webpage
Funding Amount£29,633.00


Our new UCL Unit for Stigma Research (UCLUS) will be a hub for innovative high quality research and theory production in the field of stigma research. UCLUS brings together research across diverse fields, including intellectual disability, mental health and dementia, and explores cross-cutting themes and opportunities for research. We are seeking funding to support UCLUS activities and explore areas for new research on stigma resistance and disclosure decision making, two novel areas in which we are piloting work. A better understanding of what makes some members of highly stigmatised groups more vulnerable/resistant to stigma, and how they manage disclosure offers the potential for innovative contributions to broader theorising on responses to adversity. It can also inform the development of interventions that enhance wellbeing via capacity to resist stigma among members of highly stigmatised groups. Funding will allow us to (a) explore this area further, (b) develop a research agenda, (c) build capacity for high quality research, and (d) extend existing and form new partnerships to take this work forward through the public launch of UCLUS, a seminar series, development of the research unit’s social media presence, a UCLUS led session at the 2018 IASSID European Congress, and international collaborative visits.