Dementia is a huge public health challenge, currently impacting more than 850 000 people in the UK with the condition and at least as many family and other unpaid carers. The number of people with dementia is projected to increase to over 1 million by 2025. There has been increasing prioritisation and awareness of dementia through research and innovation to support progress towards better prevention, risk-reduction, diagnosis and care for those with dementia.

The RESIDE project maps dementia research conducted in the UK in the form of an accessible platform. The aim of this platform is to provide researchers and others with detailed information available on current and recent studies.

Research in Dementia Mapping (RESIDE) gathers existing public information on dementia research in one site. Having a comprehensive collection of completed, active, closed, current, ended and live projects gives researchers, policy communities and other stakeholders the information they need to find out about current and recent research and how to get further information. Research projects and topics can easily be located using filter functions.

In our aim to describe and categorise existing dementia studies, we adopted a global approach as this could promote international collaborations and knowledge sharing. We created a framework of coding dementia studies based on WHO’s key areas of actions – aiming to improve the lives of people with dementia, their carers and families, while decreasing the impact of dementia on communities and countries.Those areas for action were included on WHO’s Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia 2017-2025: increasing prioritisation and awareness of dementia; reducing the risk of dementia; diagnosis, treatment, and care; support for dementia carers; strengthening information systems for dementia; and research and innovation.

We will soon be adding keywords to describe the projects.

The information collated here comes from publicly available sources. If you see anything that is incorrect or out of date, please let us know and we will update it. You can contact us at