A map of 810 dementia research projects from 19 funders

This site provides together information about dementia research in England. All identified dementia research projects are gathered into one site to help people in the dementia field, both researchers and non-researchers. The site will be reviewed regularly to provide the most up to date information.

Research projects have filter functions to help you find information on topics that interest you.


Research in Dementia Mapping (RESIDE) is an ongoing, live framework that collects and collates information in one place. This data base could be used:

  • to provide knowledge of dementia research
  • to encourage comparisons across a variety of dementia related projects
  • to give quick access to current projects as well as recently completed studies
  • to promote dementia research by improvement in sharing of information about existing dementia research and open up possibilities for data-sharing and other collaborations
  • to identify active dementia researchers
  • to spot gaps in research