Taking an innovative approach to designing potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease

Award Type
Senior Fellowship
Status / Stage
Alzheimer's Society
Funding Amount
Funder/Grant study page
Alzheimer's Society
Contracted Centre
University of Cambridge
Principal Investigator
Dr Francesco Antonio Aprile
PI Contact
WHO Catergories
Development of novel therapies
Understanding Underlying Disease
Disease Type
Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

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Reference ID48
ResearcherReside Team


Status / StageActive
Funder/Grant study pageAlzheimer's Society
Contracted CentreUniversity of Cambridge
Funding Amount£399,970.00


Dr Aprile will use a computer programme to design special antibodies to prevent the amyloid protein from forming toxic build ups. The antibodies that look most promising will then be tested in a laboratory setting, including using the worm C. elegans to understand how they work in a living system. These experiments will make sure that the designed antibodies can target the amyloid protein and can effectively prevent it from forming clumps.He hopes that these antibodies will work to stop the processes behind Alzheimer’s disease before they can cause damage to brain cells. This project is exploring new angles in tackling one of the major treatment targets for Alzheimer’s disease – the amyloid protein. If an antibody can be developed that prevents the toxic amyloid clumps from forming, Dr Aprile hopes to work with industrial partners to turn it into a potential treatment. Therefore this work represents the first steps in an innovative approach to preventing a key process that underlies the development of Alzheimer’s disease.