Rehabilitation of older patients: day hospital compared to rehabilitation at home

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HTA Commissioned
Health Technology Assessment
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2 September 2002 -
31 October 2007
Duration (calculated)
05 years 01 months
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The University of Sheffield
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Principal Investigator
Professor Stuart Parker
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WHO Catergories
Economic Impact of Dementia
Risk reduction intervention
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Dementia (Unspecified)

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Reference ID174
ResearcherReside Team


Award Number97/26/01
Status / StageCompleted
Start Date20020902
End Date20071031
Duration (calculated) 05 years 01 months
Funder/Grant study pageNIHR
Contracted CentreThe University of Sheffield
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Funding Amount£576,746.00


The principal objective of this project is to carry out a pragmatic randomised controlled trial to address the question “what is the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of day hospitals compared with home based rehabilitation for elderly patients?” In the first phase of the project, lasting 1 year, the validity of the research question and the feasibility of the proposed study will be examined through scoping analysis, comparison of national survey data recently collected by members of the research group and a pilot study. Potential clinical partners for the second phase of the study will be systematically identified and recruited, during this stage using the survey analyses to provide clinical sites with co-incident day hospital and community rehabilitation services. Provided that the scoping analyses and pilot study confirm that the research question can be adequately addressed in the current NHS and sufficient appropriate clinical partners can be identified and recruited then the second phase, lasting 3 years, will begin. In the second phase a pragmatic randomised controlled trial will be carried out in which 680 patients will be randomised to receive either community based rehabilitation or day hospital based rehabilitation. The primary outcome will be functional health status measured using the Nottingham extended ADL scale. Subjects will be stratified according to level of handicap and source of referral. Health economic analysis is built into the trial, some condition specific health status outcomes will be used and quality of life issues will be addressed.


To compare health outcomes, cost effectiveness and patient preferences between home based and day hospital rehabilitation for elderly patients.