Non-invasive, portable and low-cost brain imaging: determining risk for developing dementia in primary care and supporting behaviour change to reduce risk

Award Number
Status / Stage
1 June 2019 -
30 April 2020
Duration (calculated)
00 years 10 months
Innovate UK (UKRI)
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Innovate UK UKRI
Contracted Centre
Mind Over Matter Medtech Ltd
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WHO Catergories
Development of clinical assessment of cognition and function
Development of novel therapies
Risk reduction intervention
Disease Type
Dementia (Unspecified)

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Reference ID386
ResearcherReside Team


Award Number1809_FS_HEAL_DHTC_R3
Status / StageCompleted
Start Date20190601
End Date20200430
Duration (calculated) 00 years 10 months
Funder/Grant study pageInnovate UK UKRI
Contracted CentreMind Over Matter Medtech Ltd
Contracted Centre Webpage
Funding Amount£48,729.00


Mind over Matter is developing an end-to-end medical device to identify individuals at high risk of developing dementia whilst their risk remains modifiable, i.e. during mid-life. The accompanying app supports high-risk individuals to reduce their risk by up to half. The low-cost, portable and non-invasive technology combines cutting-edge brain imaging techniques to deliver personalised medicine information in the primary care setting, significantly increasing the specificity of established risk scores based on lifestyle risk factors only, and justifying targeted dementia prevention strategies. In this way, Mind over Matter will dispel the commonly held belief that dementia is a normal part of ageing that can never be prevented, and ignite a dementia prevention movement.