Investigating the role of tau in dementia using patient-derived cell models: distinct mechanisms or common endpoint?

Status / Stage
1 April 2017 -
31 March 2021
Duration (calculated)
03 years 11 months
Alzheimer's Research UK
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Funder/Grant study page
Alzheimer's Research UK
Contracted Centre
University College London
Principal Investigator
Dr Selina Wray
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WHO Catergories
Models of Disease
Understanding risk factors
Understanding Underlying Disease
Disease Type
Dementia (Unspecified)

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Reference ID217
ResearcherReside Team


Status / StageCompleted
Start Date20170401
End Date20210331
Duration (calculated) 03 years 11 months
Funder/Grant study pageAlzheimer's Research UK
Contracted CentreUniversity College London
Funding Amount£417,762.30


The findings from this Fellowship can feed directly into early drug discovery programmes that take these biological processes to search for experimental drugs that can block them. Anything that could alter tau’s toxic effects would have the potential to offer renewed hope to hundreds of thousands of people with dementia across the country.