Establishing Sustainable Knowledge Mobilisation Communities in Dementia Care

Award Number
Award Type
Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowships
NIHR Fellowships
Status / Stage
2 April 2014 -
1 April 2017
Duration (calculated)
02 years 11 months
Funding Amount
Funder/Grant study page
Contracted Centre
University of Exeter
Principal Investigator
Dr Iain Lang
PI Contact
WHO Catergories
Methodologies and approaches for risk reduction research
Models across the continuum of care
Disease Type
Dementia (Unspecified)

CPEC Review Info
Reference ID63
ResearcherReside Team


Award NumberKMRF-2013-02-02
Status / StageCompleted
Start Date20140402
End Date20170401
Duration (calculated) 02 years 11 months
Funder/Grant study pageNIHR
Contracted CentreUniversity of Exeter
Funding Amount£232,688.75

Plain English Summary

I want to know how to embed knowledge mobilisation in the everyday practice of communities of professionals and service users in sustainable ways. I am interested in dementia care and particularly in care transitions and the needs of informal carers. I will work with people in these groups to identify problems, figure out what knowledge they need and where we can get it, and then help incorporate it into what they do. Doing this will not only improve local health services and patient quality of life, it will allow me to improve our understanding of how to sustain knowledge mobilisation.